Brusche Process Technology

Brusche offers state-of-the-art capture systems that have been field-proven for more than 8 years in an industrial environment. As a commercial partner of Brusche in the Hispanic market, we at Powerpem are pleased to bring its carbon dioxide capture technology to companies and industries committed to sustainability and emissions reduction.

In this capture system, carbon dioxide is captured from gases using an amine-based solvent in an absorber. The carbon-rich gas leaving the process enters the absorber, where the solvent is sprayed onto an envelope that increases the contact time between the gas and the solvent. Apart from the waste gases, a rich solvent with chemically bound CO₂ leaves the absorber for the next step in the capture process: the desorber.

Furthermore, the easiest way to transport and store CO₂ is in a liquid state. Brusche offers field-proven systems to convert gaseous CO₂ to liquid. Other technologies that complete the product portfolio are the production of bicarbonate from CO₂ and the storage of CO₂ in liquid form.

If you are interested in learning more about Brusche’s carbon dioxide capture technology and how it can benefit your organisation, please contact us to discuss your intended use and upcoming configuration requirements.


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