XINTC is a manufacturer of innovative modular and scalable alkaline electrolyzer system. The production of green hydrogen, at the lowest possible cost, starts with cheap green electrons. Photovoltaic panels are currently the cheapest renewable source and prices are expected to fall further in the coming years. 

The XINTC electrolyzer offers the following functionalities and benefits: 

– Allows direct coupling to the DC bars of the solar panels, without the need for electronic converters and the associated conversion losses. – The system is based on individual modules that can be turned on and off continuously following the power of renewable energy and thus perfectly following the variable levels of solar radiation. They are used in this way from the first to the last rays of sun of the day. 

– The modules do not contain precious metals, they are made entirely of plastic. Which allows an economy of scaling and a reduction in production costs as production increases. 

– The systems are modular, scalable and configurable through software. In this way we can considerably reduce delivery times, with 3 months as the objective.

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